It’s always been a belief of ours to give back to the community whenever possible because we wouldn’t be where we are today without our amazing community.  Because of this we feel it’s an important time for us to do what we can to show our support to the amazing frontline workers the best way we know how, with delicious food!  We’ve heard from others asking how they can help and in all honesty, the easiest way is with a donation to sponsor a lunch.  So here’s what we put together.

What:  The lunch includes a an entrée, soup or salad, and dessert.  Sponsors will be named on the individual lunch containers, unless you wish to remain anonymous.  We have a growing list of frontline business locations that we can deliver the meals to or if you prefer to tell us where you would like them delivered to we can do that to.  Each lunch costs $12 plus tax.  We typically deliver around 20-25 lunches to each location but can customize if you have a specific business you’d like us to deliver to.  We can also customize the amount as needed.

When:  Tuesday through Friday. We will continue to run the lunch sponsorship for as long as we can.

How:  If you would like to sponsor a lunch you can email us at or give us a call at 701-277-9463.